The Sagra of Saint Efisio
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The Sagra of Saint Efisio.

The Sagra of Saint Efisio is the most important single event of traditional culture in the island of Sardinia, off the Western coast of Italy.

During the year 2000 edition, Patricia Bourcillier and Bernd Sebastian Kamps, two well-known foreigners residing in the island, made this extraordinary photographic report of the people who participated in the sagra.

The Sagra takes place every year on May 1-4 to celebrate the legendary intervention of the Saint to rescue the citizens of Cagliari from the plague in 1652.

The central event of the festival is the huge parade that starts the journey in Cagliari. Five thousand people and dozens of carts and floats participate, accompanied by the joyful sound of the "launeddas," typical wind instruments. At the end of the procession, four days later, participants can be heard parting with the traditional formula: "Atrus annus"-"until other years."


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